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Hoby Dogy. I know: You can't pronounce it either. The first part's my never-did-trend nickname for Hoboken, and the second part looks funky. Back in 2011, my then-boyfriend-now-husband Jan challenged me to create a name for our dream of working with dogs. He asked, "Can you make it sound funnier than Fuzzy Butts?" We'd first met in a Hoboken dog park, me with my two dogs and he with his roommate's. We were dog-crazy people then. And we're dog-crazier people now. After a moment, I laughed "Hoby Dogy!", and to our surprise, it stuck. I still don't think it's as hilarious as Fuzzy Butts, but I dare you not to smile when you say it.

What's our name come to mean over the last decade? A whole lot of love for and dedication to dogs and their people. Being the most trusted Hoboken dog walking, puppy care and puppy training company with well over 150 online reviews. And a boutique solution that exclusively caters to our families with our weekday dog walks and puppy visits, in-house dog and puppy training, on-call advice and vet and grooming referrals. This means you get a superior customer experience and peace of mind that your dog's joyful and safe during their time with us and, if they're a puppy, growing into a balanced adult dog. Now that's a good Hoby Dogy!

So I hope you touch base now to chuckle together about our name and chat about how we might be able to help your fur-flyingly awesome, dog-crazy family too.

Fur hugs,

Asha Olivia

Founder, Hoby Dogy
Hoboken, New Jersey

Hoboken Dogs đź’– Hoby Dogy, and we love y'all too.

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