Meet Our Founder

Asha Olivia has always been driven by the ethics of a good day’s hard work, learning to become wiser and creating maximum joy in the world by sharing knowledge and figuring out a better way forward.

While at Georgetown University pursuing her Bachelor and Master in international diplomacy and business, Asha saw the need to unite young diplomatic women. Under the mentorship of Dr. Madeleine Albright, she re-founded Delta Phi Epsilon, a foreign-service sorority that had long lain dormant and that went on to create bonds among and between fellow students and diplomats for a can-do culture.

In her work through her own nonprofit foundation, and when no one else was, Asha rallied a conservative crowd to fund sexual health programs for women and children in marginalized communities during the AIDS epidemic in South Asia. Later, as a business-development executive, she helped increase marketing dollars for the Latino community from major blue-chip corporations.

Through all of these experiences, Asha learned more about herself and the world and ultimately who she was: a visionary, maverick, justice-seeker and an entrepreneur, whose love for the purity of the natural world and creative business ran through her veins on both sides of her family. And because dogs were yet one more symbol of the good and true, she went on to found a dog care company.

Since 2012, Asha has owned and operated Hoby Dogy Pet Care, a labor of love. Its success stems from a team driven by what she uniquely defines as the highest service or CREST: compassion, responsibility, exemplariness, safety and teamness. She continues to be fascinated by and learn about a key area of mastery for any successful business: how to vet, select and train a service-devoted team.

Having annihilated stage-four cancer that had given her a one-year prognosis, Asha’s a victorious warrior that strives to counsel from a deep wisdom won from a life going to battle for others and herself. Not only does she intend her life and work to serve as a vehicle for other business owners to master the candidate-selection process, but also as inspiration that they can achieve all they want.

Asha divides her time between the good towns of Hoboken and Boca Raton. When not working hard serving her clients, team and vision, she can be found listening to a book, learning in her business mastermind and dreaming with her husband Jan and their two dogs Lovey and Savey who they met and rescued on the streets of Colombia. Asha speaks English, Spanish and, yes, Doglish.

Asha & Her Husband Jan

Asha & Beloved Client Amos