Do You Have a Happy Dog?

Most people think that as long as their dog is healthy, he or she is happy. However, this isn’t always the case. Dogs can develop emotional problems just like humans can. They may have gone through a big change in their lives, or they might have a medical issue. We’re going to talk about recognizing an unhappy dog and how you can make your dog happier.

Your Dog is Withdrawn

Does your dog appear to be more withdrawn? Have they stopped doing things they used to do? If so, your dog could be depressed. Just as depressed humans stop wanting to do the activities that they once enjoyed and prefer to spend time alone, your dog will mirror similar behavior.

Your Dog’s Sleeping Patterns Have Changed

Your dog might be sleeping more than normal or even less. They might not want to rise from their beds in the morning, or they may struggle to close their eyes at all. If this is something you’ve noticed, depression is a possibility.

Your Dog Is Eating More or Less

Depressed dogs will either lose interest in their food and lose weight or eat more and pile weight on. Again, it’s exactly the same as depressed humans.  

Making Your Dog Happy Again

If you’ve deduced that your dog is depressed, it’s time for you to make them happy again. Here are some tips that can help.

Take Them to the Vet

First off, take your dog to the vet. They’ll be able to determine any underlying issues and tell you whether or not your dog is really depressed. They might also give you some valuable advice. Take the advice the vet gives you and use it before anything else we suggest.

Socialize Them

Socializing your dog with other dogs can be a good idea. Dogs are pack animals and can get depressed if they are lonely. Try taking them to a dog park, but make sure you keep an eye on them. Hiring a pet care professional to give your dog exercise and affection may also help.

Keep Them Healthy

Healthy dogs are usually happier than unhealthy dogs, so make sure yours is getting the support he or she needs. WellyTails Omega-3 Blend for Dog Health is a natural antioxidant, so giving them things like this can greatly improve their overall health.  

Get Them a Canine Companion

If you lifestyle allows, you might find it useful to get a canine companion for your dog. Don’t enter into this decision lightly.

Play With Them

Play with your dog when you can. They might not feel like playing all that much, but you can at least try to play their favorite game with them.

Think Positively

Finally, make sure you think positively. Any energy that you give off will be sensed by your dog. If you think negative thoughts and feel unhappy yourself, your dog can start to mirror your behavior. Think positively and your dog might start to feel better.

A happy human can mean a happy dog! 

Thank you for reading!