Great Activities for You and your Dog

Getting out and about with your four legged furry friend can be a lot of fun, when your dog is allowed to run his heart out and really let go. With summer upon us, there is no better time than now to get out into the fresh air stretch your legs. All six of them.

Did you know, that a dog walks faster than a human? A dog’s natural pace is much quicker than ours, so every chance to put down the dog leash should be taken with both hands - making sure that it is safe to do so, of course.

If you prefer to keep your dog leashed, for whatever reason, there are still lots of activities that you can do together.


Obviously, dogs love to run and being pack animals they love running together. You may need to get your dog used to running by the side of the bike, as they like running into one another's paths. Before you try to pick up any kind of speed, make sure that your companion won’t inadvertently end up under your wheels!

Dog friendly parks

As with anywhere else that you go, make sure that you clean up after your dog. Parks are excellent fun for your dog, and there are countless opportunities for the two of you to play and run together. If your dog is not used to being off the leash, he may spend a lot of the time running off own, exploring.

You should let your dog do this as much as he likes, he needs to get used to the wide open space, and he the novelty will off a little soon.

Jogging and running

Jogging and running, like bike riding, is a chance for your dog to move at a more natural speed instead of tiptoeing so you can keep up. The same risks for biking apply here, and your dog may keep trying to jump up at you excitedly. If you want or need to keep a leash on the dog, invest in a retractable leash so your arm isn’t wrenched out if its socket if your dog suddenly bolts.

Practice and patience are your two watchwords here. Your dog will learn eventually.


There are special pools designed just for dogs but if you have access to one that allows both of you to swim then go for it. Swimming is a great low impact sport for both of you and don’t worry about chlorine either.

Chlorinated water is fine for your dog to swim in and even drink, as it is designed to not make people ill if they accidentally swallow some. After the swim, you can shower the pool water out of their hair to get it back to it’s usually glossy self.

Just about everything that you do for fun and relaxation, your dog can do with you. All you need to do is remember the local laws regarding dogs and leashes and always clean up after them. Bringing along plenty of water for the both of you wouldn’t be a terrible idea either.

Thank you for reading!