Is Your Dog Unhappy Home Alone?

Everybody feels a little bit guilty about leaving their dog at home alone. It’s okay, it happens. Not everybody has a lifestyle where they can hang out with their furry friend all day long.

Some dogs are okay being left alone. They find something to do. They sleep, or they eat. They wait patiently and valiantly until you’re home.

Others, not so much. They get anxious and upset. They bark a lot and whine. They might start being aggressive and tearing up furniture and walls. Your dog might be a danger to itself or your home alone.

So what can you do? There are a few options.

Getting a friend or a family member to dogsit is an option. Not everybody has this luxury, however. Some people might not have someone willing to do that.

If you can manage to swing someone who can come over during the daytime, great. Your dog will never be bored or upset in this case. Just make sure you’re the favorite and you should be fine.

This is an outside option, but taking your dog to work can happen too. Some employers have been known to have ‘take your dog to work’ days. It’s an outside the box approach, but it does happen sometimes.

It might not be every day of the week though. It may only be once a month. If you need a consistent solution to a home along dog, it might not be viable. On the upside, however, you at least get to show your dog off to co-workers now and then.

Now there are a set of two nuclear options here if nothing else is working.

One is that you get rid of your dog. This is a painful decision to make to give them away to another family. Don’t take this lightly. You should know that when you got a dog you were in for the long haul.

Only do this if you are sure you can’t make your dog happy.

The second nuclear option is finding a new career that accommodates shorter work hours, or lets you work from home. This might be an unworkable option for the grand majority of people. If you can swing it though, you’ll be able to spend even more time with your dog.

Of course if none of these is working for you, just try and limit your dog being upset home alone with some toys or leaving on the radio or television. Find out what works best for you and your dog.

Thank you for reading!