Top Ten Things Your New Dog Needs

Owning a dog is wonderful. Whether you’ve had a pet before or not, it is always nice to start afresh when you welcome a new dog into your family. To help your new dog settle in, we have created a list of doggy essentials to prepare you:

  1. Dog bed - Your dog will be happy to know he has his own special place to retreat to when he is tired. If you live in hotter areas, skip the fur lining as your pet may overheat. Something with a high back and sides offers comfort while they sleep. Choose a washable cushion for the base.

  2. Dog ball - Every dog loves a run around in the park. Pick a ball that is specially designed for dogs so they can’t come to any harm. Dog balls also survive the perils of teeth and strong jaws better than a regular tennis ball too!

  3. Chew toys - When your dog is new to your home, he won’t know his boundaries or the house rules. Have a couple of chew toys to hand. If you catch your dog chewing on something you don’t want him to, swap it out for the toy. This can be more effective than discipline for a new dog.

  4. Collar - Your dog’s collar is important, whether you live in an area that requires it by law or not. Should your dog go missing, the collar tag will help you get him back. The collar is also handy to clip the lead onto if your new dog doesn’t require a harness.

  5. Lead - There are many places where it is essential you keep your dog on a lead. It is advisable to use one when you are walking beside a road or near schools and children’s parks. If your dog is excitable, you must keep him on a lead in case he knocks someone over. Behaviour classes can dramatically improve a dog’s temperament.

  6. Jacket - Small breeds in cold weather can get very cold, especially if they are carried rather than walking. Choose something that fits well to avoid hazards.

  7. Pet insurance - If you have a rescue dog, then chances are your new dog has gone through all the veterinary checks he needs for the year. It is still wise to have pet insurance to cover any unexpected bills. Dogs can be hurt as well as getting sick. This can be very expensive. Insurance can cover you in most circumstances.

  8. Registered vet - If you don’t have one already, pick a local vet that will be able to take care of your breed well. Be sure of their price plan when you register, and make a note of their out of hours numbers.

  9. Dog kennel - Dogs need plenty of fresh air and exercise. Your yard or garden is usually ideal for this. Provide some shelter and somewhere to have a nap. Look for a dog kennel sale to save money on it.

  10. Love - Be prepared to give your new dog lots of time and attention at first. He needs to know he’s loved. Awww.

It is very exciting for the family to get a new dog. Try to introduce small children to your dog slowly and quietly. One of the best ways to do this is to enjoy some walks together as a family.

Thank you for reading!