3 Things Your Dog Needs From You

When you have a dog, it can be easy to forget how dependent on you they actually are. A dog is more dependent on you than even a child. A child will learn how to look after themselves but a dog won’t. They can’t learn how to take food out the bag, take themselves for walks or keep themselves healthy. They’ll do their best, but when you bring a dog into your family all that becomes your responsibility. Here are they key things your dog needs from you.

Protection From Bugs

Your dog hates getting fleas and beasties as much as you hate seeing them on him. Perhaps even more so because he is the one that is constantly irritated by them. You need to get a good flea treatment for your dog and start using it as soon as possible, but that’s not all. We’re in the middle of summer so you also need to think about tics, particularly if you take your dog on walks through long grass. A tic looks like a small black or brown lump on your dog’s skin. They are not always easy to spot and are an absolute pain to remove. You need a special tick remover or you risk leaving part of the bug inside. Lastly you need to watch out for worms. If you’re unsure if your dog has worms, look at his stool. Worms look like long pieces of spaghetti. But, the good news is you can stop your dog getting them with a good wormer from Wormers.

Play And Exercise

You might be surprised to learn that a dog knows the difference between play time and walkies. If you have been teaching them to expect both each day, they will always expect it. That means if you walk your dog through the day, he will continue to bug you until you give him a play as well. But, be careful not to over exercise your dog. Not all breeds know when they are tired. Labs often will continue playing to the point of exhaustion unless you stop them. You have to be aware of this particularly on a hot day because it can be damaging for their health. Also, check the temperature of the ground before you take your dog for a walk. If you cannot hold your hand on it for more than five seconds, it is too hot for doggy paws.


Aside from giving your dog food and water you also need to make sure they feel loved. You should start by giving them a place that is theirs in the house. This can be a dog bed or a room where they can find their food and water. Don’t move it to another place because you want to give them a room they know is theirs. This will allow them to feel at home. You should praise your dog when he does something well, do not just resort to giving treats. Remember, if he does need telling off be sure you do it right away. Otherwise, your pet will not understand what they have done wrong and start to feel mistreated.

One little extra fact. When we find dogs cute a chemical is released in our brains. When a dog looks at a human that same chemical is released in theirs.  So, when you say  “aww cute dog,” they are looking at you, thinking “aww, cute human!” Love your pets because they sure love you.

Thank you for reading!