Must-Read Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe And Happy

Health, happiness and safety. It’s everyone’s primary concern when it comes to our little friends. You want them to stick around as long as possible and make sure they’re comfortable and happy as they do it. It can be easy to let some things slip, however. In the cases, you can be endangering your pet. So we’ll take the time to go through some of the ways to take care of your dog’s well-being. You should always be alert for new troubles or risks to your dog, of course, but this is a good place to start.

Get out and about

Walking is absolutely necessary to having a well-behaved, happy dog. Missing out on those walks can lead to your dog exhibiting stressed and destructive behaviour. This is just as bad for them as it is for your furniture and belongings. Walking them properly is just as important. How you walk with your dog can be a defining aspect of your relationship with one another.

A safe place

Make sure that your home is a safe place for your dog. Don’t let them have access or reach to any food not meant for them or things they can ingest that would be harmful to them. Get them a place for comfort as well as sleep. There are lots of fence ideas for keeping them safe, too. You don’t want them getting out without you to watch over them.

Don’t stress them out every time you leave

Separation anxiety is a real problem in dogs. When you make a big fuss about greeting or saying goodbye to the dog, they learn this. They then look forward to this when you leave to the point that they can grow distressed. Giving them their natural outlets for their energy can cure some of this. Let them dig, let them run and play with them. It might be sweet that they’re so eager to greet you, but they need to confident alone.

Help them enjoy a social life

There are very few ‘grumpy dogs’. There are, however, lots of dogs who haven’t been taught or given the opportunity to socialise properly. Dogs are pack animals by nature, it’s within them to be social and playful. If you neglect socialise them, however, you get the opposite effect. They can over-protective, territorial and even dangerous in some cases. You won’t be the only one who benefits from helping you dog be better behaved and more welcoming. Your dog will also have the benefits of forming good relationships with people and other dogs, too.

Protecting them against pests

Dogs are very susceptible to fleas and ticks. If you haven’t done it yet, treat your home for any of these parasites. Otherwise, they’ll be suffering discomfort and perhaps even serious skin ailments down the line. After you’ve treated your home, continue to treat your dog regularly and keep them free from pests. Dogs scratch often, but if your dog is scratching all the time, it’s a sign you haven’t been taking care of pests properly for them.

Thank you for reading!