Essential Items You'll Need As A New Dog Owner

Let me guess: you’ve just decided on getting your first dog, and now you’re trawling the web for some doggy tips. Am I right? If so, excellent! Well done to you for being a good owner and taking care of your pet. Before your bundle of joy arrives, there are a few things you need to be ready for. Get your shopping list ready, because it’s time to look five crucial things you’ll need as a new dog owner. 

Lead (Leash)

If you ever want to take your dog outside (you do, by the way), you’re going to need a dog lead. For this, you’ll want a nice lightweight design; something that won’t harm your dog or cause you too much hassle. Getting a 5 ft’ long lead is probably the best way to start. There’s also the option of buying a retractable lead that offers more freedom for your dog. By all means go for this option, but be aware that you might have a tendency to allow too much space in some situations. See how you feel, and pick what’s right for you.


You’re going to need a collar for your dog for a number of reasons. Firstly, you can control your dog and stop them from running off in certain situations. Most importantly, however, is the ability to track your dog if they’re ever lost. Don’t get a collar that’s too tight on them. The last thing you want is to put your dog in danger, so make sure you can fit at least two fingers between the collar and their neck. Of course, don’t make it too loose, or it might end up falling off altogether.

Dog Bed

Just like you, dogs need somewhere to sleep. They’ll spend a lot of time here, so make sure they’re going to enjoy it. You could go for a simple design that’s adequate for the job, or you could buy some BarkBed Covers for that extra bit of luxury. Think about one that comes with chew-resistant material and easily-washable features. You never just know what your dog might do to it.


This is one of the cheaper options on the doggy-buying scale. It’s also one of the most obvious. Your dogs need to eat and drink, and they’re not going to worry about luxury when they’re gulping food down. Some dogs are allergic to plastic bowls, so go for a nice stainless steel one. They’re durable and easy to clean.


Hey, your dog needs to have fun, don’t they? Get a few nice chew toys that they’ll have fun with. Give them a bone from time to time. Pick up a cheap set of tennis balls that they can play fetch with. You’ll have a lot of fun playing sports games with your dog, believe me!

Remember, this is just five basic tips. There are other things to think about before you bring them home, such as grooming and parasite-control. You need to do a lot of research about these things and talk to a local vet about anything you’re unsure about. Congratulations on your new addition, and enjoy being a dog owner!

Thank you for reading!