Getting Ready to Bring Your Dog Home: Things to Remember!

Getting ready to bring a dog home is such an exciting time. Whether you already have a dog or this is your first one, your life is going to be turned upside down for the next few weeks at least. All dogs need plenty of time to settle in. You should be totally committed to making sure you’re a good dog parent, which means remembering these things while you’re getting ready for their arrival:

Do Your Research on Their Breed

You should do research on dog breeds before you even consider buying the dog. This is because you need to make sure they are suitable to your lifestyle. If you only have a small apartment, for example, you don’t want to buy a huge dog. There are a ton of lifestyle factors that can affect the kind of dog you buy, so make sure you do lots of research to pick the right one for you.

Make Sure You Know How to Introduce Them to Other Pets

If you have other pets, you’ll need to know how to introduce your dog to them. Many people think that dogs and cats can’t get along, but if you introduce them properly, they can become good friends! You just need to take your time and not rush into anything. It’s all about getting them used to the smell of one another.

Be Prepared to Exercise Them

Make sure you’re prepared to give your dog as much exercise as they need for their breed. If you don’t have time for long walks, you’ll want a dog that doesn’t need walking all that much. It isn’t fair to get a dog that thrives on lots of exercise only to leave them cooped up. Even having them run around the garden isn’t enough for them.

Invest in High Quality Food

Invest in high quality food for your dog to make sure they get the best start. Some dogs won’t get on with certain foods, so make sure you monitor them to ensure that the food is good for them.

Make Sure They Have Plenty of Toys

Your dog is going to need different things to stimulate them, so make sure they have plenty of toys. You can actually buy indestructible toys these days; click here to go to the website to see for yourself!

Make Sure You Can Commit Enough Time to Them

You not only need enough time to walk your dog, you’re going to need to commit more time to them at home. Even if you just play with them, or teach them tricks. They’re going to need attention from you a lot of the time, so make sure you can give them that.

Train Them as Soon as You Bring Them Home

As soon as you bring your dog home, training them is a must. You’ll usually start with toilet training, but you should also teach them basic commands. Continue teaching them throughout their life. They love pleasing their owners!
Prepare for your dog with these tips and you’ll get along well!

Thank you for reading!