How Your Home Might Be Making Your Dog Sick

Your dog sometimes seems like a little indestructible ball of fluff, but sometimes they can be vulnerable to common household items. Do you know how your home might be making your dog sick?

Household Toxins

Household toxins found in cleaning products you use at home can harm your dog. Never clean with ammonia and bleach on the same day, as a mix of the two can be fatal to dogs. Vapors tend to linger. So look out for pet-friendly cleaning products on the market.

Unwelcome Insects

Unwelcome insects from your home's garden or yard can be dangerous to your dog. So get your dog on a regular regimen to prevent fleas and ticks. Also, caulking and sealing any holes or leaks in your home can make it a lot harder for creepy critters to find their way in. In your home's garden or yard, put in plants that ward off pests and keep the ground clear of any debris like cut grass or leaves where pests can dwell.

Outdoor Plants

Outdoor plants can be poisonous to your dog, including, but not limited to, azaleas, daffodils and jasmine. So plant pet-friendly flora or put up barriers around flower or plant beds to keep your dog out. It'll also look pretty out there.

Staying Inside

Staying inside your home can be harmful to your dog. Getting out is key for your dog's physical health and mental balance. Fresh air gets your dog's blood pumping, and new environments stimulate their mind. Socializing with other pets and people builds your dog's confidence and tolerance. Discuss an outdoor program with your dog walker or pet sitter. Time outside will help your dog be well at home.

Examine the impact your home might have on your dog, and remain aware that your best friend can be much more vulnerable to your home than you realize.

Thank you for reading!