Health Pointers When It Comes To Caring For Your Bulldog

Having a dog in your life is very much like having a certain taste for your clothing or food. There will always be breeds that you love and breeds that you may not. The bulldog breed is very much in this category.

If you decide to take home a bulldog puppy or re-home one a little older, it's important that you take great care in regard to their health, well being and weight. These are stocky dogs, and there is a fine line to one being a good weight or overweight.  

Having a bulldog that is overweight can cause many issues, including heart and respiratory problems. So it’s vital that this breed get the right level of exercise and amount of food for their weight and size.

Food Needs

It’s important to ensure that you feed your bulldog the right sort of food, and this is when it may be worth considering a well known brand like Royal Canin. It’s also worth investing in the bowls you provide the food in, opting for a stainless steel heavy duty option. This helps to reduce any allergic reactions due to bacteria. Bulldogs always need a constant supply of water.

When it comes to the amount of food bulldogs need, this varies. For the first three months of life, ensure your puppy is fed two to three times a day. Adult bulldogs should be happy with two feedings a day. Make sure you don't overfeed them to avoid weight gain. Also switch from a puppy food to one made for adults.

Exercise Needs

It’s important for your bulldog to get regular exercise to help maintain an ideal weight. Regular exercise is good for cardiovascular health and can increase lifespan. Have fun with your bulldog by throwing a ball, playing fetch and also socializing with other dogs.

Choosing Vets

Finally, make sure you find a veterinarian that is not only good but also likes Bulldogs. It can be hard to find the right vet for you and your dog. Talk to other Bulldog parents to get a good vet recommendation for your town.

I hope these health pointers help you care for your Bulldog.

Thank you for reading!