3 Must-Have Tools to Train Your Hoboken Puppy

So you want to train your Hoboken puppy? Congrats! Not only are you going to build an extraordinary bond with your fur kid, but you’re also going to grow as a person in the process, as does anyone who cares for a little one. And bonus! You get to make friends in the dog-loving Hoboken community, from other puppy parents to puppy people like us who guide you along the way. As Hoboken puppy trainers and care experts, we’ve trained many puppies in town. So we’ve come up with a short list of tools that’ll make teaching your puppy so much easier. Do you know the three must-have tools to train your Hoboken puppy?

1. Treats, Don’t Cheat

What’re treats? They’re food made of anything your Hoboken puppy really likes that you use to reward their desirable behavior. Why is this tool important? As a primary reinforcer, treats are something your puppy was born liking as nourishment so that they easily reinforce any behavior that produces the treats. Suppose you ask your puppy to sit, precisely mark with your approval when they sit and then give them a treat. The treat reinforces them sitting for you. What’s next? Mark and treat to shape any behaviors you want from your puppy, from laying down while you eat to sitting when you answer the door.

2. Clicker, Don’t Bicker

What’s a clicker? It’s a hand-held device made of plastic that has a button you press to deliver a clicking sound to your Hoboken puppy when they do something you want them to do. Why is this tool important? Puppies learn by association. So precisely marking the behavior you want from your puppy with a click that’s immediately followed by a reward tells them that, if they do something that gets the click, they’ll be rewarded, thereby reinforcing the behavior. What’s next? Follow a click with a reward to mark behavior you want from your puppy to build on micro-behaviors and further any training.

3. Puppy Pads, Don’t Be Mad

What’re puppy pads? They’re pads made of disposable or non-disposable material that you lock into pad holders and put on your home’s floors so that your Hoboken puppy goes to the bathroom on them. Why is this tool important? Precisely marking with your approval when your puppy does their business on the puppy pads and then reinforcing the behavior with a reward teaches them that they’re supposed to go in those specific spots. What’s next? When you take your puppy outside, use this same technique when they go to the bathroom on any designated outdoor surfaces and slowly phase out puppy pads at home.

Thoughtfully use these must-have tools to train your Hoboken puppy and build a loving bond, and if you need us, we’re happy to help you as Hoboken puppy trainers and care experts.

Thank you for reading!