Cancer In Dogs: The Early Warning Signs

It’s heartbreaking that our beloved dogs can come down with serious illnesses like cancer. But as with humans, a diagnosis of cancer doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Many types can be treated efficiently, but catching it as early as possible is crucial. It’s in a dog’s nature to hide their pain, and so it can be difficult spotting if anything is wrong. Thankfully there are a few early signs to watch out for. If your dog displays any of these, have them checked out by a vet right away.


If your pooch has gone from having a regular ‘dog smell’ to something foul and unpleasant, it’s a sign something might be going on. It could be from their mouth, nose or rectal area and indicate a tumor. Of course, it could be (and is in many cases) something much less serious and could be anything from a bacterial infection to a yeast overgrowth to anal gland blockages. But to be on the safe side, have anything checked out by a vet.


When you spend so much time petting and stroking your dog, it won't take long to feel anything out of the ordinary. Lumps and bumps could indicate cysts or lipomas (fatty lumps) which aren’t life-threatening, but they can, of course, be a sign of cancer too. Unusual lumps should be seen by a vet as a matter of urgency. If a diagnosis of cancer is made, there are options. Often surgically removing it will cure the cancer, this is why it’s important to catch it early. This is because you are getting rid of it before it has chance to spread. You could also supplement your dog’s diet with things like yunnan baiyao for dogs which is a safe, herbal medicine which can curb bleeding so is useful for things like tumors.

Weight and Appetite Changes

When your dog refuses to eat and starts losing weight, it’s a sign that something isn’t right. Dogs won’t willingly starve themselves so if eating is an issue you need to get to the cause. As with the other symptoms, it is more than likely a result of something much less serious but don’t put it down to chance.


Some dogs are naturally lazier than others. A short walk could have one dog tired and snoozing for hours whereas more energetic dogs could take hours of running or walking before they are ready to relax. Plus, dogs tend to slow down naturally a little as they age which is nothing to worry about. But if your dog is acting more lethargic than usual compared to their normal energy levels, then cancer is one of the possible causes. You know their personality so look out for any changes. Especially if it lasts for more than a couple of days and is accompanied by other symptoms.

Would you know the early signs and symptoms of cancer to look out for in your dog?

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