Top Mistakes New Dog Parents Make

You’ve adopted your perfect dog companion, and the fur muppet is quickly becoming a beloved member of your family. It’s always a wonderful time with your dog unless you make errors early on in how to care for them. Then things may rapidly become difficult to manage. You'll blame your dog, but it will never be their fault because the responsibility of proper care will always fall on your shoulders. It's up to you to learn how to do right by your dog and avoid any big no-nos. Do you know the top mistakes new dog parents make?

No Training

You know the saying an older dog won’t learn new tricks? As it turns out, that’s not true. You can train any dog to learn things, and it's up to you to be a consistent, disciplined, loving and patient teacher for your dog. Teaching them simple commands is as easy as getting online or reading a book and actively applying what you learn. You can absolutely teach your dog to sit, stay, heel and come here, and you'll both have fun spending time together. Basic obedience is the foundation to teach your dog more advanced command recall.

No Protection

You know the saying every dog has a flea or two? As it turns out, that's not true either. You can protect any dog against fleas and ticks, and it's up to you to make sure your dog lives indoors with you and is on a monthly creepy-critter prevention regimen that includes baths, body checks and oral or topical medications. Buy Advantage for dogs to help keep bad bugs at bay, and also buy Revolution for cats to protect all your fur kids. Pest prevention is the foundation to ensure your pet-loving family and home’s infestation-free.

No Boundaries

You know the saying every dog rules the house? As it turns out, that's definitely not true either. You can employ boundaries for any dog, and it's up to you to lovingly show your dog how to be family. Remember that dogs' wolf ancestors lived in traditional family units of parents and pups. Modern animal science has dispelled the myth that your dog is dominating you in favor of how to live together as family. Respectful interaction is the foundation to forge a healthy bond with your dog built on faith and not on force.

The truth is that every dog is a good dog. It's your parental role to train, protect and boundary-teach your beloved fur kid in your precious years spent side by side.

Thank you for reading!