Top Natural Pain Relief Remedies for Your Dog

When it comes to your dog, there’s nothing worse than seeing them in physical pain when they’re hurt, injured or sick. Your usually spunky fur kid’s just not themselves due to having pain in their body, but, frustratingly, they can’t tell you by how much, where it hurts the most or how to help. Your vet will do their best by your pup, and that’s wonderful, but the earth’s natural substances can compliment traditional veterinary medicine to help relieve your dog’s pain. As you explore homeopathic pain relief for your dog, always remember to speak to your vet about risks vs. benefits, as well as any side effects and contraindications with currently prescribed medications. Do you know the ten best natural pain relief remedies for your dog?

#1. CBD Oil

We know what you’re thinking, but CBD oil doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, especially when dosed properly. It can help your dog if he is suffering with pain, seizures, joint pain, inflammation, and even cancer. ‘How much CBD oil should I give my dog?’ you ask. Look into this thoroughly and ensure that you have used a dose that is appropriate for your pup’s size and characteristics, as this does vary.

#2. Cayenne

Cayenne pepper is another anti-inflammatory, and it is known for increasing circulation to joints (in dogs, anyway). You can buy this in the form of creams and ointments, but be careful if you’re using a homemade remedy, as your dog could have a bit of a shock when he tries to lick this spicy ingredient. You can put an Elizabethan cone collar on him if you’re worried about this.

#3. Essential Oils

Whilst there are some essential oils that you should be careful with around your dog (don’t use tea tree, citrus and wintergreen, for example) there are many oils that are proven to help relieve pain. Lavender, peppermint, ginger and rosemary are amongst these, so adding a few drops of these essential oils to a bit of olive oil and rubbing it over painful joints and inflammation could help the symptoms to lessen.

#4. Fish Oil

Many dog owners are now giving their pets fish oil, as it boasts many health benefits. Whilst the dosage needs to be quite high to have an effect (look into this, too), it is said that fish oil gives your dog healthy skin and a shiny coat, an improved immune system, more energy, and reduced joint discomfort. It can also give them a bigger appetite, as adding this to their food will give a yummy (for dogs, anyway) fishy

#5. Ginger

Ginger is another natural remedy which will help your dog to get back on his feet. It can stop nausea and vomiting (and car sickness, too) and it can help to fight heart disease, allergies, and it is proven to lower cholesterol. It can also help to reduce stomach bloating (which has few non-natural medications developed to fight it) and it is also great in the fight against arthritis and cancer. Is there anything bad about ginger? It seems not.

#6. Licorice

Whilst you shouldn’t go and give your dog licorice in the form of candy, the herb is a great anti-inflammatory, and it will help with joint pain and allergies. The best thing about this natural wonder is that it will help to enhance the anti-inflammatory processes of your dog’s body, so it is a natural way to get his body to fight off the pain that he may be suffering with. As an oil or salve, it can treat flea allergies and other skin conditions.

#7. OIive Oil

As previously mentioned, giving olive oil to your dog won’t harm him (well, not in small doses, anyway). In fact, it contains vitamin E which is great for your dogs health, and will help with the symptoms of arthritis. It is also packed full of antioxidants, so cooking your dog up some food with a dash of olive oil is a good way to relieve some of his pain (and also give him a tasty treats).

#8. St John’s Wort

Another remedy for anxious dogs, St John’s Wort is known in the human world as a natural treatment for depression. Not only is it good for separation anxiety and car sickness, but you can apply it (as an oil or salve) directly onto the affected area if your dog has muscle, joint or nerve pain. It can even be used on cuts and wounds, and bee stings if your furry friend has managed to land himself in a bit of trouble with some insects.

#9. Skullcap

In humans, skullcap is used to relieve the symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, and a variety of different nerve pains. It has been widely reported to help nervous dogs, who suffer from things like separation anxiety (if your dog destroys your home when you leave him, and seems upset when you leave, this probably applies to you). As ever, thoroughly research dosage before giving any to your pup, and make sure that the separation anxiety or nerve pain has been diagnosed by a vet beforehand.

#10. Vitamins

Vitamins B and C are vital for dogs with arthritis, particularly those who are a bit older. Whilst you can get supplements for these vitamins, and add it to dog food, you can also give your dogs apple to help them get these health benefits. If your dog isn’t the youngest of the bunch, cut it up for him, or stick to vitamins mixed into existing food if you think it would be easier to digest.

These natural ingredients have been proven to help your four-legged friend get back on the road to good health, so whether it’s ginger, licorice, or CBD oil, give these remedies a try, and see the change in your dog!

Thank you for reading!