Ways to Help Your Dog as They Get Older

Just like you, your dog changes in both mind and body as they get older. However, they're aging much faster than you are. So whether your dog is getting a bit older or entering their golden years or you've just adopted a senior dog, it's crucial to look out for any changes in how they may be different from one month to the next. Doing so will help you tailor care to your dog's needs at all times. Do you know the ways to help your dog as they get older?

Proper Exercise

As your dog gets older, giving them proper exercise is a great way to help them. Maybe your dog doesn't want or need as much exercise as they once did. Perhaps they suffer from arthritis or hip dysplasia or other conditions that limit their movement. As your dog ages, you'll need to find a new balance of age-appropriate exercise, from walking to playing to innovative hydrotherapy, to keep their mind and body healthy with minimal pain.

Good Diet

As you dog gets older, keeping them at a good weight can become even more important. Maybe your dog is exercising less. Perhaps they have organ issues, joint pain or other conditions that stress their body in different ways. As your dog ages, you'll need to find a new balance of age-appropriate diet, from the best senior dog food to special supplements, to keep their appetite satisfied and their weight maintained.

Good Communication

As your dog gets older, ensuring you have good communication with them is even more key. Maybe your dog has problems with memory, mood, sight or sound. Perhaps they show other behavior changes that could be signs of normal aging or of serious health conditions. As your dog ages, you'll need to find a new balance of age-appropriate communication, from unique cues to more time together, to keep their soul lively and loved.

Proper Environment

When your dog is getting older, there are things you can do to help him feel more comfortable. For example, providing more soft places for him to lie down can be helpful. Some senior dogs can struggle with steps and stairs, so a ramp can help them to move up or down different levels. It can also be useful to have carpeting or rugs instead of slippery hard floors.

There are lots of ways you can help your dog as he ages. Increasing the frequency of your vet visits can help you understand what he needs.

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photo source: Pixabay