Fee Card 2018

Here's our fee card. If you have absolutely any questions or there's a pet care service you need that isn't listed below, please contact us. We'd love to serve your family.

Thanks very much,
Hoby Dogy Team

Hoby Dogy Discount Club (HDDC)

Our Hoby Dogy Discount Club (HDDC) is an exclusive community where you receive special privileges.

As a member of HDDC, you receive budget-friendly, stress-free and convenient fees for dog care recurring weekdays 9am-5pm. The more visits you schedule, the less you pay per visit. Visits are counted during 4-week invoice cycles from the 15th of the month to the 14th of the following month. Visit counts include weekday-falling holidays. Invoices are sent post-visit and once mid-month.

Please note we require a four-visit weekly minimum for solo visits that don't include other buddies.

As a member of HDDC, you avoid other companies' burdensome requirements on upfront package payments that create messy credits should you cancel and on weekly payments that add to your already packed to-do list. Do you really need one more thing to keep track of or to do? With us, since payments are kept on tab and made once mid-month, pet care doesn't compete with your mortgage or rent due the 1st.

As a member of HDDC, you never have to worry about how visits for Fluffy affect your household budget. Plus, you can have any as-needed dog care covered. Furship has its privileges.

Fluffy needs 2-3 visits a day:
28+ visits a cycle, visit, 15

Fluffy needs 3-5 visits a week:
13-27 visits a cycle, visit, 16

Fluffy needs 2-3 visits a week:
11-12 visits a cycle, visit, 17

Fluffy needs 1-2 visits a week:
1-10 visits a cycle, visit, 20

Other Dog Care Services

Dog visit weekdays 5pm-9pm, 22
Dog visit weekends 9am-5pm, 22
Dog visit weekends 5pm-9pm, 25
Home overnight 9pm-6/7am, 75