Lockbox Details

Our lockboxes for drop-off or pick-up of your key sets, tested by you as working, are located on the north side of 10th Street between Bloomfield and Washington Streets in Hoboken. When facing the gallery door, please look down and left for our lockboxes attached to the railing.

Please see photos below for reference. There are three lockboxes. Please use the middle and rightmost lockboxes. Feel free to use both if extra space is needed. The current code to the lockboxes is 0926. If you experience any challenges, please contact us for help.

When dropping off or picking up key sets, please nudge bulky metal ends out of the way of internal mechanisms to avoid jamming the lockboxes upon closing. After closing, please spin the code and push the lid down to secure the lockboxes and seal them from water.

When key sets have been dropped off or picked up, please notify us in real time so we may update our files.

Thanks very much,
Hoby Dogy Team