Personal Reflection @ Hoby Dogy

I share my life with Savey and Lovey, who I saved from the streets of Colombia, and my husband Jan.

Savey and Lovey are the most recent of soul mates who happen to be dogs. There was Liza, the Great Dane who used to carry me as a tiny baby on her back and Lika, a puppy on my mother’s Colombian farm who my brother and I worshipped as little children. There was Rusty, the Doberman Pincher and German Shepherd who I loved as a devoted school kid and Trevor, a Cocker Spaniel who was the love of my whole family when I was a teenager. None of us will ever get over his passing. Then, this last decade, there was Livey, the Cocker Spaniel who showed me who I was and continues in my heart.

When I think about why I decided to work with animals after being in the corporate world so long, it has to be those soul mates and my family. Karma is karma, and my family has a generations-long romance with nature. I strive to be some small part of what they mean to me.

My maternal grandparents and great grandparents, a hodgepodge of adventurers from Spain and indigenous natives from the New World, were pioneers and settlers in Colombia and lived in humble interdependence with animals and plants on the wild savannah.

My paternal grandmother Dadigee, who was from India, was a gentle person and lifelong vegetarian who loved all animals. I share a precious family heirloom below of her sitting in her white sari next to her dog Punu, or "the one who does good deeds" and also "lover boy". They were inseparable.

Then there’s Papa who's telling me about some wondrous law of the universe or of how the earth works or sharing a good story out of the sacred texts of ancient India.

And let me not forget Mama who's favorite pastime is tending to the outside, happy with her hands in the dirt. When she’s not doing that, she’s taking care of others.

That’s it. I could tell you how many years I spent getting an official education or title, but they could never compare to who my real teachers are.


Asha Olivia


Dadigee & Punu


About Asha from Our Team

Asha, working with you is a dream for me. The dogs are wonderful, and I'm grateful for the relationships I have with them and you. You're an awesome leader. Thanks for all your advice and guidance. They've made me a better person.”

— Charlie Baron, Hoby Dogy Team

About Asha from Our Clients

“I remember when Asha first got her little girl, Livey, a few years ago. She was so excited and so in love. It was kismet. I haven’t seen Asha without Livey since. Then she saved Savey. Watching Asha love and care for the two of them, she’s truly their mother, they’re her children, and in no way have they ever been treated like anything else. Once I adopted Julie, I knew Asha was the only person to watch after her while I was away at work. I knew she would treat her as she does her children, and that is exactly what she did. Asha has always gone above and beyond for my little girl, as she always does for the two of hers. She always knows what they need and what they want and how to take care of it for them. Asha is, in every sense of the word, a mother.”

— Jennifer DeFalco, Hoby Dogy Client

Asha & Livey & Savey Forever