Rescue Dog

"My name's Jess, and my husband's name is Matt. He finally proposed (thank G*d haha). We live in Hoboken with our awesome rescue dog Hudson. We’re involved in the Hoboken community and have friends in town.

Matt and I intend to live in Hoboken for at least 3 years. Quite frankly, I’m not a suburban girl, although I like to visit, and neither is my hubbie. We love the City and all it has to offer. Even when we have kids, we have no intention of moving. Townhouse much? :)

I’m a publicist, and Matt works for a tech startup. We both pretty dedicated to our careers and work in Manhattan from about 8am to 7pm. We're also trying to enjoy our life together after work lol. When we're not at work functions, we love going to cool new restaurants or shows in the City. On the weekends, we like to chill in Hoboken at home or with friends. Sometimes we visit our parents in the suburbs. Jersey much? :)

So we just got Hudson, our fur kid. He's also a rescue puppy. The rescue group said he was a Doodle mix of some kind and about five months old. All that matters is that he deserves a wonderful life. Plus he's so darn cute.

You must be asking yourself at this point why we got him with everything going on in our lives.

Above all, Matt and I just always wanted a dog of our own. It's something we'd chat about when we were dating. A rescue was frankly a no-brainer. We'd read so much about the plight of all the sweet dogs stuck in shelters through no fault of their own and how many die every day. It's gut-wrenching.

We also wanted the bonding experience of caring for another soul and honing our parenting skills. Matt swears he's been a dog-dad-in-waiting his whole life, but I'm like, nope, I'm going to be a way better pet parent than you. I mean I picked Hudson's name years before we even got him. So who's your dog mama now? :)

Hudson is so awesome. He's got these big ears that turn every which way. He's absolute love and joy and goes up to any person or dog on the street. I swear we're making friends everywhere, and he's made us better people. It's funny how that happens. We love our time with him at night and on the weekends.

While we're at work, Matt and I want to make sure he’s adjusting well with a loving team and socializing with loving dog friends. We’re interested in a small buddy walk with friends he sees every day.

We definitely don’t want him in Hoboken dog parks during the weekday stuffed with dog walkers who’re bringing in way more dogs than they can handle. The dogs are different every day, and it makes for a lot of unpredictability, and Hudson's already been through enough. We’ve heard you guys don’t go into dog parks during walks. That's awesome. We'd rather take him there ourselves after work and on the weekends when it’s just Hoboken families like us hanging out with their pups.

We’d like Hudson to have two weekday walks a day, the first before noon and the second after 2pm, with the occasional third dinner walk. We know our evening plans up front and will definitely give you guys a head’s up.

Reasonable fees are a consideration, and we like that you have them, but the most important thing to us is to trust good people with Hudson during our busy work day. We need a highly professional and responsive team giving us priceless peace of mind and security for our family and home. Haggling over a few bucks when it comes to Hudson's well-being is just not us. He's become the center of our hearts.

Matt and I loved your many online reviews. People are freaking out about how great you guys are. Plus, Kate and Mike Sullivan, our friends and your clients, rave about your weekday dog walking. We can't shut them up lol. They say Luna is so happy and relaxed when they get home from work, and she's a rescue dog too.

Please let us know what you need from us to onboard. We can't wait to join your awesome fur fam."